WELCOME! What can we do for you today?

Are you looking to start fencing? Continue fencing? Or maybe you’re already one of our members? Follow the links above to find what you need. Here’s a little about ourselves to catch you up…

We are proud to announce that Leicester Fencing Club is now an Official Guinness World Record Holder!

Who are we?

LFC is one of the largest fencing clubs in the East Midlands area and we cater for all of the fencing disciplines – Foil, Epée, and Sabre. We’re completely volunteer run so you know that everyone is very passionate about their sport, people say that one the best things about our club is how welcoming and friendly everyone is! If you’d like to find out about our history check out the about us page.

Who can join the club?

Anyone (10+) that is excited about fencing! We have a really good mix of beginner groups, intermediate and experienced fencers at the club, this means whether you’re a pro or have never picked up a sword before you’ll feel welcome.

Where do we fence?

We meet at South Wigston High School. Parking is available on site, just ring the buzzer to be let in

When do we fence?

We fence every Tuesday from 7pm – 9pm for Foil & Epée or Friday from 7pm – 9pm for under 18s Sabre. If you’re coming to a session for the first time, please make sure you join us at 8pm. Times do change around school holidays, so please get in touch before coming down. If you’re driving we also say allow a little extra time on match days for both rugby and football, we’re proud of our recent league success but it makes travel harder!

I’m only in Leicester for a short time, can I come fence with you?

Absolutely! We’ve most recently had a visitor all the way from New Zealand. We just ask that you have membership to your NGB. The visitor fee is £5 per night (2 hours).