The World Record Update You’ve Been Waiting For!

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This is the update you’ve been waiting for, we have had our evidence fully vetted by the Guinness World Records team and they have sent us their response.

We are proud to announce that Leicester Fencing Club is now an Official World Record Holder! 

The most participants in a team fencing exhibition match is 63 and was achieved on 14 August 2016!

We want to say an enormous thank you again, to everyone who came down to fence, supported the teams, donated prizes and helped get the word out; without your commitment to our attempt we never would’ve made it. Fencers on the day were representing 17 different clubs from Leicestershire and beyond.

Just as a reminder of the final score.
32 fencers v 31 fencers
18 matches
650 v 775

All participants are entitled to their own certificate provided by Guinness, please check your email for details on how to order yours!

I wanted to apologise for not getting out the individual match stats etc as we have had a fairly unexpected time over the last 6 months. I’m working on archiving all the paperwork so do keep an eye on our website and the dedicated World Record Attempt page which will house these updates.

We owe a lot to our local supporters also, from Tesco to The Holiday Inn and many local shops. And to our larger supporters, The Curve, Leon Paul, The Exchange, Three & Leicester City Council.

Once again THANK YOU!
Bex & Leicester Fencing Club.

The final total of our fundraising efforts came in at £295, thank you again to everyone who donated & bought raffle tickets on the day.


A gallery of photos will be online soon.
With thanks to Matt Cawrey.

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