The History of Leicester Fencing Club

Leicester Fencing Club originated from a merger between Huncote FC and Granby Halls FC in June 1989. The club was then known as the Granby Hall FC until it was no longer possible to continue fencing at the venue.

Both Steve Wright and Jim Amberton had gone to Alderman Newton school at what is now Leicester Grammar School, Peacock Lane. They approached the headmaster to see whether to have fencing again on the site. Allowing his pupils free coaching, the club moved venue to the school premises. As the Club grew in size it was decided that we would have to find a larger venue.

The City of Leicester School in Evington (formally Leicester City Grammar School for Boys) already had a history of fencing there, so the club moved again in 1992 and due to the change of venue a new name was required. CLUB ‘X’ was suggested but was thrown out for being too silly and finally the Leicester Fencing Club emerged from the ashes.

The Deputy Head Master of the School (Alan Rudge) supported the move and growth of the Club at the School.

We continued fencing there for five years but again had to move this time due to security reasons. Another venue was sought and we approached Aylestone Leisure Centre. Where we remained until April 2024, where we moved to South Wigston High School.

The club not only looks after Foil, the club’s main weapon, but now Sabre and Epee are coached.

The club provides beginner groups for youth and adults which are structured to the British Fencing Association’s Achievement Awards Scheme, all provided by a well-trained and qualified coaching team. We also support our more experienced members with weekly sessions available for further education towards higher grades or simply a safe environment to have a bit of fun.

Our sessions run on Tuesdays for Foil (and Epee where in demand) and Fridays for Sabre Cadets (under 18s). Both groups meet from 7pm until 9pm during term times and occasionally run during the half term breaks and summer holiday, dependent on availability of coaches. For more information on beginner classes see the beginners section or if you are a more advanced fencer looking to switch to LFC then take a look at our membership page.

If you need anything at all our friendly volunteers are always here to help; you can reach us at domainslfc@gmail.com