Nominations open for Chair of the Board

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As you may already know due to personal commitments & lack of time to fully fill the Chair position David is stepping down as Chair. This means we are accepting nominations for people to fill this position, if you would like to nominate someone or be formally considered yourself please email us at before the end of Sunday 26th March.

We will hold a vote at the club night on March 28th. Please be aware that this job, whilst not very time heavy does come in spurts and will require email access and someone who is a good decision maker. Prior experience running a sports team or other board chair experiences is not necessary but would be fantastic.

About Rebecca

As LFC Secretary most emails you get will be from her. She fell into helping out by being married to David the Chair and is a big fan of spreadsheets and html! In her spare time she reads ya fiction and plays lots of candy crush.

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