AGM – 16th February.

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Afternoon all, apologies for being quiet yet again!

We just wanted to make everyone aware that we will be holding our AGM this coming Thursday at 6:30pm. We will be meeting at The Exchange Bar at 50 Rutland Street, LE1 1RD.

The agenda for the meeting is below. The AGM is always open to every member of LFC not just those on standing order but anyone fencing with us, this includes any parental representation of our junior members.

  1. Apologies.
  2. Chair’s Report.
  3. Vice Chair’s Report.
  4. Vice Chair’s Report, Sabre Club.
  5. Treasurer’s Report.
  6. Secretary’s Report.
  7. Head Coaches’s Report
  8. Remembering Jim Amberton’s anniversary.
  9. Committee Nominations
  10. AOB

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As LFC Secretary most emails you get will be from her. She fell into helping out by being married to David the Chair and is a big fan of spreadsheets and html! In her spare time she reads ya fiction and plays lots of candy crush.

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