2015 AGM Minutes

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Tuesday 1st September 2015.
Chris Beadling     Lee Garner     Steve Smith
Julie Forest     Bex Istance-Tamblin     David Istance-Tamblin
Kaitlin     Libby     Sheena Peberdy     Clare Dunn

Gemma Lambed     Barbara Whitcombe
Jonathan Bird     Karen

  1. Committee Reports
    A) Chairman – Lee is standing down as chairman due to personal commitments but will maintain an active member of the committee & as club coach. Thanks everyone very much for their help & support throughout his time. The main thing he feels we need to concentrate on is expanding membership.
    B) Secretary – Currently empty position.
    C) Treasurer – Julie has a spreadsheet if anyone would like to see in depth numbers, we have been hovering round abouts £5,000 over the last 12 months. There has been slightly more out than in but we should catch some of this up as August & September tends to have little/no outgoings but incomings from DDs.
    We don’t owe anyone money and no body owes us any money. Very pleased we got a grant for some new kit. Do we need to look at the fee structure for next term to make up for this shortfall? Where can we get more funding from?
    D) Child Protection Officer – Barbara not present however no members are aware of any issues.
  2. Confirmation of new & returning committee posts for next 12 months.
    Chairman – David
    Vice Chairmen – Steve & Lee
    Secretary – Bex
    Treasurer – Julie
    Child Protection Officer – Barbara (awaiting confirmation)
    Social Secretary – Gemma
    Armourer – David
    Website Administrators – Chris & Bex (& Jaz)
    Development Officers – Jonathan & Karen
    Youth Representatives – Kaitlin & Libby.
  3. Promoting the club – ideas and opportunities.
    A few ideas such as more sports fests, running birthday parties (older kids with real kit, younger with go!fence kit) and getting schools involved was mentioned however it was concluded this was to be discussed more in depth at a separate meeting TBC (late Sept). Also looking at quoted for banners & tshirts.
  4. Club Calendar
    Next 12 months are set out as usual. Nothing is scheduled for half terms however this can be arranged if enough interest.
  5. Fund raising
    Again separate meeting TBC.
  6. Clubmark
    TBC due to absence of Barbara.
  7. Social activities.
    Please get your ideas for the XMas party to Gemma asap. Feedback from last year was that Red Hot was too busy/loud. Can we book a room somewhere? Do we want to go for the social aspect or the food?
  8. AOB
    Lee has had to cancel the club competition due to low numbers.
  9. Next meetingTBC – Early October.

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