Leicester Open Results

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We had a strong showing at the Leicester Open last weekend, in particular for the Mens Sabre, but we had representatives in all weapons. Congratulations in particular to Bryn Guy for taking bronze in the Mens Sabre, and Michal Nerc for taking bronze in the Mens Foil. Honorable mentions goes to Craig Bustin for taking 16th place in the Mens Sabre after knocking out the number 6 seed after being seeded 28th. And well done to all those who took part and represented the club: Chris Waghorn in the Mens Foil, Craig Anderson in the Mens Epee, Jonathan Bellamy, Georgy Tyukin, Rowan Guy, Alexander Tyukin and Adam Redmond in the Mens Sabre.


Photo Credits – Noryee Chung

Full results and more photos can be found at the events facebook page:


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