Summer 2016 Fencing Sessions

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7pm – 9pm Tuesdays throughout the summer holidays!

As I’m sure you’re aware LFC do our best to keep the club running informally throughout the summer holidays, this year we have also extended that invitation to our sister club Harborough Swords.
In order to keep track this summer and ensure there will be enough fencers per night I will be sending out an email every Monday for you to reply to letting us know if you (or your child) will be at the following week’s session. We told all fencers about this on 8/7 in Harborough and 12/7 in Leicester.
Each week will be run with a £5 fee per night to cover costs of running the 2 hour session (your normal fees although paid over 12 months only cover the term time sessions). All sessions do not include any formal lessons, however if you would like an individual lesson from any of the coaches please contact them in advance to check their lesson fees and book in time with them.
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If you intend to come to the session dated in the email please reply to it by 7pm on the Friday before the session so we know to expect you and also so that we can ensure we have a court booked, each session will only go ahead if we hit a minimum number of 10 fencers confirmed by the Friday evening. Please reply to this email in order to be added to the list for next Tuesday 19th July. Our website will be updated on Friday evenings to confirm if the following Tuesday’s session has been confirmed as happening.

Project Dublin flyer
Don’t forget about our World Record Attempt! We’re intending to send out the full application pack this weekend, please remember to register your interest via the form on our blog post.

We are also fundraising via Just Giving, to help to cover the costs of running the event. We’ve already received some donations! Please consider donating today.

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