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Morning all!

I just wanted to provide an update detailing how the World Record attempt is looking.

Firstly: Thank you so much to everyone for their intended participation in this world record attempt! Whilst it might be a little close with numbers it looks like we should just get there, if you’ve not confirmed your availability by filling the form out do so here: and we will assign you a time slot (post 14:00 arrival only).

Secondly: As with most attempts we are not 100% certain of the timings needed for the day so please do bear in mind that whilst every effort has been made to give attendees a concrete start time for their match(es) it may be turn out that some end up starting later for the first match, thus could end up fencing later in the afternoon etc.

The full timetable as it currently is can be found here: (this is subject to additions of fencers but otherwise should not change).

Thirdly: We have done out best to match the requested times and weapons for everyone, please note next to your name the weapon in addition to the expected arrival time. The arrival time has been set with an expectation of arrival approx 1 hour prior to the intended start time of each first match as this gives us time to assign numbers and fencers plenty of warm up time. Please enter the Curve via the main entrance opposite the Exchange Bar, fencers will be signed in and given their competition number at this point then directed to the warm up area. This is exclusively for fencers and guardians, any supporters will be required to stay in the main Curve building, the cafe has chairs and tables whilst there are plenty of sofas round and about.
Once a fencer has completed their first match and they have not completed a full 10 minutes piste time we will require the, to stay for the next time their group comes around (designated by the “weapon” column on the timetable [ie: Epée – A at 10:30 & 13:30]). As soon as a fencer has completed the 10 mins needed for the record we aim to sub them straight off, however this may not be possible until the end of said match.

Fourthly: Please allow time in your plans to be in two full matches, this is approx 45 mins x 2 with 2h15m between them. We would need you to be in close proximity to the venue for the break as we could run quickly so the gap between your matches could be less than expected. We have fantastically been offered 2 for 1 on pizzas all day from the Exchange Bar over the road from the venue, just show them your wristband and your whole party qualifies. And don’t forget; Leicester has lots to offer a visitor for before or after your designated timings too.

If you have any further questions or if you can’t make your designated time please don’t hesitate to email us.

Otherwise we will see you on the 14th!

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